Barefoot Botanical Rosa Fina Eyecream

Eyes are the classic "mirror's of the soul". The skin around the eyes are often this first to show "our mortality", or in the cosmetic termology "ageing".

But my "soul" is not that old yet, so I prefer to reflect the same "mirror" around my eyes as my eyes do...

To keep the skin around my eyes on the youthful side,  I use my dose of serums and eyecreams. My blog often discusses organic and natural brands, because my sensitive skin often tolerates them well. But even better, nature is crammed with goodies that are truly effective on the dermis. So why not use her 'ingredients' for beauty's sake?
My personal signs of ageing of the eyes are not (yet) fine wrinkes and laughter lines. My sign is that I can see my eyelids looking heavier (esp. in the morning) and looking somewhat like "Asian eyes" (sorry to generalize the word Asian but a more slanted look). I am from a Caucasian family but somehow the 'hanging eyelids' has been a genetical element.
So I was talking about ingredients?? Well, brace yourself because the Rosa Fina Eyecream is crammed with it. 

I  have been interested in these ingredients: Argan oil, Macademia, vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Sandalwood, Alpha-lipoic acid, Calendula, Horsetail, vitamin C & arnica. Particularly in the ones with the bold lettering: these are the ones effective in tightening the skin and 'draining' the excess liquid (that can cause 'hanging') around the eyes.
plenty information on the box
The creators of the cream list their Rosa Mosqueta from Chilean Roses as their most *wonder ingredient*. Logically, I figure that a plant growing at a higher altitude (on Chilean mountains) has to absorb more light in its flower. Similar as the Edelweiss from the Alp mountains (also a flower with specific anti-ageing properties) the oil from the rose will have a better photosynthesis than it's lower situated rose-family. But that is not too scientifically reasoned, just my logical interpretation. Or, a rose is not a rose, sorry Shakespeare...Perhaps to talk in Orwelian terms: not all roses are created equal.

Though it is listed as serum, it has a cream consistency. Still, a thin cream that absorbs quickly:

Does it live up to its claims?
The package has a ton of claims, actually, sounding like a miracle product. I personally listed the "easing puffiness" as my main goal. And yes, it eased my puffiness and my "morning hang-[over]-lids".

I featured that sample size of La Mer Eyebalm Intense on the photo above to compare. I basically loved them both, however, the difference in price is absolutely valid. Also, the ingredient-list of La Mer is not that fantastic, as they feature some questionable elements too (see here on cosnda), like Polyethylene.

Mentioned before, it is creamier than the average serum, but the thickness has been perfect to alleviate dryness/dehydration. It absorbed fast enough for the morning hurries ( to makeup-mirror, etc).
The scent is really light: still, with a hint of a natural rose if you really put your nose close to it. The price is mid-range for appr. €32.50 for 15 ml (feelunique)


I really like this eyecream for spring, summer when I do not need superhydratation. For cold winters & staying in heated rooms too  much I would go for my Pai Echium I discussed a while ago (here).

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