Using, Used, Gonna Use...

Just a quick round and a insta-photo for this week 'Using...' (etc etc)

Using: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne

A counter-weather fragance: I was not too fond of this one in the beginning but I like how the zesty flowerness gets me through the rainy mornings...

Used: Ren Keep Young & Beautiful Eyecream

Ahh, how smart Ren has been to avoid the word 'anti-age'...or have they? Because those words are still under the more positive sounding 'keep young & beautiful'.
This cream has been wonderful and light enough for summer, and still creamy enough to counter out beach-dryness. I think it qualifies for beginning lines, for people in their early 30s, or if you have been partying too much-> the (middle) twenties, and if you have been organically healthy bladibla -> your late 30s/40s. Beginning lines, that is. For the heavier ones I would suggest more potent eyepotions.

Used: S5 Replenish Serum sample for dry & scarred skin

Organic serums often surprise me that som of them are actually oils. This one too: or, it feels like those dry-oils they have for body-products. In general, a lighter oil that penetrates in 10 minutes. However, I prefer to layer it with a daycream to speed it up and to get more beneficial extras from the daycream too. I like this serum/dry-oil hybrid but I prefer an actual liquidy & non-oil based serum for personal reasons. However, if you are short on time it is a good hybrid between serum & oil. As for the de-scarring: I should try a larger sample to find out. Londonmakeupgirl has reviewed this one more detailed over here.

Gonna Use: Nars Soulshine blush

The 80s Jerry Hall style of the box kinda did it to me. Also, more blush!!! I basically thought I would go for Realm of the Senses but was so happy to see both of the blushes in real life. Soulshine has that hint of mauvy rose inside that feels more like me.

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