Wedding Belle

Today I do not have a completely cosmetic related post, but I have something that is highly related to beauty: wedding and marriage.

How trite it must sound, I guess a lot of us aim to look beautiful for our (future) other halfs: I also love the simple intricity (oxymoron) of a wedding makeup: it should be natural, but still spellbinding enough to *wow* the man you are going to spend your life with.

This wedding Belle was photographed by me at the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, perhaps one of the more romantic places to have your wedding photos to be taken ♥.

I love how she is slightly dominant and points her groom-to-be how to fix her dress for the photos ; )

And that dress with the pearls is a dream: slightly sensual with the lace & the emphasis on her curves, but the cute hat & pearls make it dainty and cute again. And the red lipstick & nails are always a classic.

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