Reaching Tube...

I am about to finish up a lipstick! 
♥ my beloved Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge in RS 251 ♥
 For eyeshadows we would use the words "hitting pan" but there's no pan so I'm "reaching inner tube".

Unfortunately this 2009 edition is not available anymore...

I often pick softer colours for my lips: I am not a real lip-person but I like them looking dewy and young. Also, this one is so easy to apply without a mirror.
Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow, or being careful with my bit of Coffret d'Or
I bought this Coffret D'or lipstick based on Lotuspalace's review when she was still around. 
I kinda miss her: beautyblogs have triplyfied/quaduplified and there so many good reviewers going on, and still I miss some of the older 'hangout-places' for reviews & swatches.

I think I will try the newer version of their range soon.

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