Kanebo Kate Long & Curl mascara vs Kose Fasio Curl & Lock

I would like to discuss two mascaras I have been testing lately: Kose Fasio Curl & Lock mascara and the latest Kanebo Kate long & Curl mascara:

I was able to skip on the superduper curl-holding Asian mascaras as I'd been faking it for a while. That is, I gotten eyelash extensions and they come with their own curl...almost every mascara will do if you have them.
Only, I wanted a break from the "doll-eyes" because they left my original lashes quite sparse and thin:
And I do not have the cute face this adorable one has above...

Both mascaras have the name "curl" in their description and that was my main goal: keeping the curl in the miniature eyelashes.
Ofcourse, length is my second and perhaps a shared first place desire for me! 

And with Kate's promise to give a "lash extension" effect:

So there's the first difference in promise. Fasio promising to "lock" in your curl. Kate works on two levels for keeping your "curl" and making them "long". 

This aspect is visible in the texture of the mascara:
Fibres, you either love them or dislike them in mascaras. I sort of like them when I have natural lashes. I consider Kate's fibers to be one of the thinnest varieties I have come across.

Kate Long & Curl has an inky blackness in it's texture. Similar to Fasio Curl & lock. Fasio dries up in a slighter glossier way whereas Kate brings out a softer and more natural opaque black.

  • Fasio keeps the curl longer than Kate. Kate is slightly droopy after 10 hrs.
  • Fasio Curl & Lock feels like a sort of superglue: perhaps too much on really thin lashes (I'll will use it with another brush soon to see if I get a finer result)
  • Kate Long & Curl brings about a soft fluttery, longer lash with a beautiful curl
  • Kate's fibers extend the lashes in a natural way 
  • Both last the whole day until the super-removers step in 
  • The colour of Kate is a soft, candlelight black: Fasio has a glossier black colour.
If both would be combined it would be the best of worlds. I prefer Kanebo Kate Long & Curl for thin and short lashes: it has a natural, fluttery look, only does not keep the curl as long. I think that Fasio Curl & lock is a better choice for thicker eyelashes, when you want a glossier black, a longer-lasting  curl, and for people who do not like fibres in their mascaras.

Both are to be found on Adambeauty: Kate Long & Curl over here and Fasio Lock & Curl over here

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