Review: Visee Mineral Cheek Baby Finish PK 800

My last review of the last haul was my initial favourite of the bunch.

Spoilers ahead: I will maintain my initial enthousiasm about it, only more nuanced:

The idea is that I used to like MAC and the likes, and then came the Lunasols, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Le Metier de Beaute and the superb Burberry Beauty on the scene. Those fantastic blushers made MAC a bit meh. I can still understand its massive appeal, but being more spoiled is just that you reach for the ones you like better. I think the other niche snobs afficionadas know what I am saying ;-)

And then again there is my like for Japanese cosmetics and my undying curiosity to try out new blushers. Moreover, I had a steady love for mineral makeup for a while when my skin was really on the edge, and I loved the way it got it calmer on both inner and outer level. So the word mineral brings up really positive connotations, although I hardly use it anymore.

Basically, minerals are beautiful, especially when your skin is not really happy, but the slightly chemical foundations can make you look slightly more polished. So when my skin got better and happier I tried some more chemical foundations, and stuck with them. Similar with blush.

Makes me think of it: is the Visee Mineral cheek a true mineral? Probably not (still not fluent with the language on the box), however, the element of mineral must be present or otherwise why would Visee promote it quite clearly?

Ok, return to the blush itself instead of all the mineral-chat. It has a hygienic tube-like distributor. Mind this is more hygienic than the Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek I showed you a couple of days before.

Highly pigmented, I already said that in my first preview.
Which basically stays that way on the skin:

When I blended it, I had the memory of my Kose Addiction Cheekstick in Revenge in mind. So what else to do than compare the two?

Swatches: on bare skin/no foundation

This first one is slightly blended :
 Which basically says my memoric powers were right! They are really similar with the difference in finish. Both are vivid corally pinks with a slight neon-ish undertone. The only thing is that Addiction cheekstick looks slightly more pore/line diffusing than the more gel-like Visee Mineral cheek.

Completely blended:
In blended state the difference is even less visible. However, the Addiction Revenge probably has more silicones or other fillers that makes the skin looks slightly more polished. Still both blend well and give out a lovely and quite regular flushed complexion.

I tried the Visee on lips too: it gives out a vivid stain but the gel-formula also makes the lips feel dry (so bring out the lipbalm to top up). Opposite to Kose Addiction, which is a true hybrid 1 (original review here
(1. noting that I only found this in the colour and formula of Revenge and not so much with Rose Bar).


I liked this blush on first sight, although I was quite shocked of the vividness of the colour. I placed a couple of tiny dots on the cheeks and it blended quite easily and without being blotchy. Not all of these gel-like products do that: I personally do not have that much luck with the Becca Beachtint variety.

It becomes a peachy pink with a slightly neonish undertone after 20 seconds of blending. It makes my paler winterskin look fresh and slightly flushed in a good way, as it is a part of my fantastic healthy life (ahum). I like the fact it has no glitters or shimmers. The promise of baby finish is quite true too.
What I like most of it, is the potential to work on darker skintones. If you blend it less vigorously as I did, the pigment will look vivid on a darker complexion too: that is not something that every brand can say about their blush simply being targeted on lighter skinned complexion only.
The durability is about 5 hours with a slight fading after that time, depending on the base underneath (it works on non-foundation skin too).


I like it a lot and think it would be a fantastic summer product as well, although I haven't tested it waterproof-ness. Perhaps my Australian or other Southern hemisphere readers can do that for me as they have a delightful promise of summer approaching (not jealous...ehm). I am thinking about buying some other colours too, for example the more subtle rosy mauve PK 801 looks enticing. The price is right for $13.50 over here.

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