Blush-Crush: Michael Kors bronzer in Flush

What does it take to become my latest blush-crush?

perfect colour 
the right kind of glow


 Michael Kors as a brand stands for Uptown New York glamour so its makeup is on par with the fashion aura of the brand. A white packaging and golden letters, and inside a golden grande compact that could easily been mistaken as a small palette.


I was secretly thinking 'how American' to have the blush/bronzer being supersized to this generous compact. My British Burberry is laying on top (still in dominating mode, who said size matters?) but the idea is clear.
All of this gotten me slightly cynic about its performance. I loved the latest launches of Fashionbrands going makeup (waves to Burberry and a nod to uncle Ford) but Michael Kors has never really appealed to my clothing aesthetic. And then the grandeur of it all.

 Thus: colour, performance & velvety texture:

Flush was my colour of choice after hearing it being described as a sister of NARS Deep Throat. Honestly, they are more distant cousins but I liked the few swatches online enough to indulge.

I picked up some other bl-onzers (blush/bronzers) that could have been siblings:

I omitted Bobbi Brown Antigua (too pink) & Maquillage (too much mixing) from the next swatches. I also mixed the 2 shimmery shades of the Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope & the two topshades of NARS Soulshine.

Swatch winter-daylight (3 pm)
 photo 21afd5a4-4a77-4e6f-bd35-05dbdd1d8073.jpg 
 At first glance:
  •  No twins out there.
  • Banila Co Copacabana is the closest match, only slightly paler & a bit more mauve
  • Michael Kors has the most delightful & complicated shimmer of them all
  • NARS Soulshine & Le Metier de Beaute have a pinkish hue when mixed
  • Sofina Aube & Armani Sheer bronzer 2 are reddish compared to MK
  • NARS Soulshine & Le Metier de Beaute are quite similar when mixing them in the right amount.

    And now for the shimmer time: *FLASH*:
     photo edd31dbf-3ce1-4754-a124-844a9d16edde.jpg
    • my blush-crush is totally justified: look at the delicacy of the glow of Michael it cool? Is it warm? Not sure, but it is gloooowy
    • Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope also flashes up in a complicated glowiness
    • Banila Co. Copacabana has been a favourite for a long time, and for a good reason
    • I sure love bl-onzers a lot!
    Conclusion: Can you justify a crush? Yes, I just did...

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