The Argan Posse...

Oils and cosmetics products with Argan have been de rigueur since a while. Basically, they work and they have an excellent blendibility with other ingrediënts.
One of the lesser known hairoily serums I have been loving lately is Goldwell Elixir with Argan & Tamanu oil. Tamanu is probably the Argan of 2014, and both oils are brilliant for dry and damaged hair.

Goldwell is in the cheaper section than its posher sister Kerastase Ultime. Nevertheless, I've been preferring this thicker serum for a while before/during blowdrying in the ends of my hair. It prevents split ends, seals existing dry hair and gives an excellent sheen. I really like it's vanilla-like fragance: quite reminiscent of Morrocan Oil.

It's sold out at Beautybay right now: I got a better deal in this Dutch webshop for about €13. It's available at Goldwell hairdressers too.

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