Prexceed Hair serum with Honey

It's a bit of a hair-weekend on this blog!

Obviously, I finished up this serum a few weeks ago.  I did the Dutch Frugal thing and cut-open the tube to scrape the last bit of cream out.

It hasn't been my only in-between-washes moisturizing treatment: I mix the cream emollient of the Prexceed with one of my hairoils on a 50/50 ratio.

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime is my fave of the three. But I finally have a Shu Uemura Art for Hair product I actually LIKE: the Essence absolute! It's thicker than the Kerastase but still silicony enough for the necessary-to-smooth days.

I got a follow upper from the same Prexceed line: this one with Camillia

Funnily, I bought both on but if you know them and my blog than you know these products can dissapear into nowhere anytime. I could track down another one with Tsubaki Oil, and that one sounds good when this one runs out: I probably should buy it soon before that ones dissapears too??

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