L'óreal Professionel Série Nature Mask with Macadamia

I got familiar with the L'óreal Professionel Serie expert line thanks to the many positive reviews on their intensive repair mask. That one is basically a cheaper version of the Kerastase Masquintense, and has a great cult-status these days.

So I wanted to venture further because they have really appealing products, and found not that many reviews online. That left space for me and my hair-curiosity to buy one of the masks from their Série Nature line. 

The Série nature line is a part of their Professionel line, only on a more natural base without parabens & silicones. 
from the Lóreal Professionel website
It still has some chemical-based elements inside and smells like one of those chemical cococted Macademia scents too: but it's a step forward to a more natural care.

clearly stated: No Parabens & Silicones
 The mask has a mid-creamy consistency that is neither runny nor really past-like:

  • I used it up and liked it. My hair is in a state of blah-dryness now and it helps to make it look slightly healthy until the next wash. Perhaps people who have dry/damaged hair know this too that after a wash & deep-condition the hair good until you have to wash it again: then the dryness seems to reappear.
  •  It smells ok: a bit chemical but still somewhat like macadamia.
  • I do not notice the lack of silicones as a positive thing: sometimes my hair needs silicones to appear to look healthy but it didn't need that and I think I prefer to stay without the silicones if my hair looks just as healthy without them, or perhaps even get healthier in the long run because real ingredients are used instead of masking silicones.
  • Long term: Not a real verdict yet. I used up the whole jar and switched to another L'óreal Professionel Mask Age Densiforce (against ageing hair...yes, now we have to take care of that too). I think I already prefer the Nature Mask with Macadamia, although the Age is quite ok too.
  • I love the price: it's around €12 if you order it online so that makes it about drugstore prices with a better value and quality.
Availability: It's for sale at feelunique for €16.38 and in the Netherlands it's available at haar-producten.nl

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