Pancake Tales...

The title sounds somewhat similar as the old-wives-tales...But I'm talking good [old] pancake makeup:

I bought Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer based on a zillion variety of reviews. Mostly because I wanted a really covering piece of makeup for certain events. I adore the foundations I have, but sometimes I get the 'natural girl' stigma too often and I really want to look like 'well-made-up' instead.

The bulk of the reviews claims it a high-maintainance piece of cream that needs quite some effort:
I'd expected myself to be blending for 15 minutes, misting in various facemists etc...My experience was that it is just as easy (or difficult) as my RMS Uncover foundation.

I'm quite lucky or observant enough (seen various swatches) to have picked the right shade, but it wasn't too difficult. 

So these were the Pancake Tales of this friday. I do not have that much going on beauty-wise: most lustworthy collections (eg those YSL lipglosses) haven't reached our counters yet so it's waity waity time.

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