Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads: a Peel from Nostalgia

It's time to peel to some nostalgia again...and better skintone ofcourse

I read about CANE+AUSTIN Retexturizing Pads with 10% Glycolic Acid in some glossy magazine: one of their impeccably glamorous Editors has been using it. 
Those people have 1. very little time 2. Must look gorgeous for business-sake (imagine a Vogue editor looking post-10mojito-like??? not really) 3. Have zillions of recommendations and get the creme-de-la-creme.

And then there was the prospect of the utter easiness of the peeling pad:

 Enter nostalgia: I think most people have encountered Clearasil in their past...If lucky not themselves but by their more acne-prone siblings. I image the lucky teensters this age having full access to beauty blogs and actually effective anti-acne skincare. But those thin cleansing pads probably will ring a bell to the non-teen generation[s] out there... 

So after a couple of mask-like peels (think REN) and liquidy tonics (Sophyto) there was something really easy about swiping a pad to the face, wait 2 minutes, and go for the rest.

Hence, I'm fascinated by the pad so let's show it again:

The pads themselves are both thin & sturdy. They have a thin vertical (or how you keep it: horizontal) ridge that gives a micro-friction on the skin. They don't tear and have the right amount of liquid to distribute for face, neck and I often have some left for my hands...they need retexturizing too. But they're not too liquidy like some sheetmasks out there. I dislike it when it drizzles all around; such a waste of product.

The instructions are fairly easy. They prefer you to use it 2 times a day, but sensitive skins and beginning regimes might go slower first. I started out one time on every 2 days, and upgraded it to one time every day. On some days my skin is too sensitive, and then I skip.

The liquid will give a slightly tingly feeling: if you know your Glycolic acid, you will know that is normal. 

I prefer to wash it off after a couple of minutes but it's ok to leave it on. I prefer not because I want my other serums to have 'full play' on my skin. 

I love the effect it gives me: I have more refined pores and I feel it has diminished some wrinkles:
But overal the easiness of the pad made me reach out for it more: I get a light daily peel instead of a more abrasive weekly one. Sometimes frequency has a better result than potency.

Conclusion: Easy padsy: Will repurchase.

Availability: I got mine on beautybay over here. They have them in separate packs as well which will be perfect for travelling etc.
separate packs

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