Used Up's / June

Late to the party for a quick round of my most important used up's...

I've been blogging about sampling up some Less is More hairproducts and I've finished up the Lindengloss conditioner. The 30ml has lasted me quite a while: about 7 times for long hair. I really liked how this organic conditioner performed: soft & silky feel, no heaviness or weird residue and it smells amazing. However, when I had the opportunity to buy full-sized I kind of steeped back from the price. The sample size is a reasonable € 6, but a full-size € 23. I still have some other quality conditioners to use up so I will consider, but wait before going full-size.
Paul & Joe's finishing powder is from the Sahara collection from 2010. Long long time ago...I had a darker colour (002) so I only use it in summer when having [faux] tan. It is really good, though: a micro-thin quality that doesn't alter the foundation underneath, and can also be used on a good skinday alone without foundation. I would gladly repurchase. 
Osmia Detox Mask has gotten quite the hype among organic and concious bloggers, and from that field it gotten known among everyone that wants a good, detoxing mask (like me, see here).  I really liked it when living in the Mediterranean: my skin gotten weirdly oily and pimply-> heat & polluted air. A good claymask helped to remove remaining sunblock, some oiliness etc etc. However, I liked it but it has not been the complete miracle worker. I'm somewhat convinced that there are cheaper clay-mask options out there, but the mix of ingredients are quite good.
I'm on my 3rd tube of YSL shocking mascara. It's not the complete HG but it has some excellent varieties of colours around. People with chameleon eyes like myself can have a cute effect by changing a hint around the colour of the eyes. E.G, a blue, burgundy or a purple can change my colour into a more green or blue, depending of what I like. YSL Shocking doesn't do dreadful 80s colours, only a slight hint. And the formula is delightfully thick and glossy without going clumpy. 
RapidLash, I've finished my 2nd tube and I get a longer result every time I use it. I never get irritations from it either. In fact, I'm on the more expensive Revitalash right now, but I feel it irritates my eyes. I think I will just repurchase Rapidlash instead.
Caudalie has done an excellent job in creating their Polyphenol C15 line. This sample has been feeling both detoxing and youth-i-fying for my skin, and I've only been trying it for 2 nights! I will go for the bigger bottle.
I took the full plunge by buying a full size of Caudalie Polyphenol C15 antiwrinkle defense Serum. I've been using it superconsistently (morning/evenings) for one and a half month and I absolutely was stunned about the plumping effect. Moreover, the price was under €40 so not that ridiculously expensive price some companies ask for their serums. I'm not sure if it will be HG material if my skin gets sensitive (thinking winter) because the amount of fragance is somewhat present, but for the moment I really like this one.

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