One Sample led to another: Marie-Stella-Maris

I've been happy to sample up something from a new cosmetic company: Stella-Marie-Maris

I fell head over heels on the minimalistic packaging and the French aura it exuded. Especially the heels because the footcream with thyme is bliss for tired, parched feet.

 Doesn't it look like a Saint Laurent editorial?

I absolutely feel like being invited to a show during fashionweek:
Now we've gotten the superficial intentions of buying out of the way, don't we all fall for packaging every now and then, it has an inside too:

Ok, besides the ingredients:
Their website: I think they 'care for water', or is that just a hunch of mine?

This is also highlighted on their packaging:

Beyond looking through the rose-tinted glasses of nobility towards good causes like water maintainance, I am quite enthousiastic about this footcream.

Feet are somewhat the forgotten child of the beauty industry: only few companies pay attention to them. But how important or annoying can they be when they're not happy or feeling good? A good footcream should be the perfect hybrid between being moisturizing but also fast absorbant: who is actually sleeping with socks in order to get pretty feet? Raise your hands (or feet) if you do!

Besides of absorbing rapidly, they also have this wonderful blend of herbs that give zest to tired feel.  A mix of pepper mint, thyme, natural oils and pumice makes them feel cleaner. 

So this specific sample led me to the full size. It's a gorgeous footcream that will revitalize tired (sandal/slippered/heeled or broody sneaker-ed) feet to life again. And I think it will add the right amount of moisture when winter will arrive.

Perhaps there will be more on the cards with my new set of samples:

Who knows? 

Find them on their website, skins' website or at their flagstore @ Herengracht in Amsterdam.

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