Etude House My Blooming Cheeks in OR 202: Shy Coral Pink

I have the serious case of overcrowded beauty drawer. Perhaps I should make that beauty drawers because I couldn't imagine the size of the drawer if I had to store all my makeup in one. It must equal the size listed in the Guiness book of Records.

Somehow, of all beauty products, I always seem to make room for blush. I think blush is one products that makes a difference between looking alive and blah.

Etude House released the My Blooming Cheeks a couple of weeks ago. The packaging is always the cute variety with lots of pink & hearts and this time it the same cuteness.

I knew from the promotion pictures that it would be a baking blush. Baking blushers are often more metalic and slightly shimmier than the average blush.

Instructions according to Etude House:

I think it's a personal case of trial & error to see if these tips will work for you. With makeup it is easy to remove it when it isn't really the most flattering option.

As for the colour I wanted to go for a poppier variety than I normally do. NARS had been launching their cool pink Gaiety so I was looking for a cool pink colour as well without breaking the bank. On the other hand I wanted an innocent peach shade as well because it suits my complexion.

Basically, the OR 202 combined the two colours with the option of creating a third when mixing them.


A pigmented pair that you can layer without it getting caky. You can see it has slightly obvious glitterflecks in the pan but it doesn't really show on the skin.

The colour on the left really is that generic NARS Orgasm kind of shade without the original's glitter. I think it layers wonderfully and I am surprised how unmetallic and natural it looks on the cheeks. It's almost a matte.

The poppy pink on the right actually looks a lot more metallic (and more what you expect from a baked blush) than the left side. Colourwise, I do not have many cool bubblegum pinks in my stash for a reason that it doesn't really become me, but with a small amount I can use it for a different look.

I really like the mix of the two. The almost-matte consistency of the left colour is lifted in a slightly glowier variety thanks to the shimmier right, and together it becomes the peachy-pink glow that I like.

There are different ways to use it, as shown on the box earlier, but I prefer to use the left colour on the apples of my cheeks and the mix a bit higher.


A wonderful and cheap blush that has a variety of options. It is certainly not Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry quality but it's a fun and useful product for it's price.

I bought it over here/gmarket for $8.60 but you can also find it on ebay if you find that more convienient for $ 15, although the seller I found doesn't have the best rating.

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