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A couple of weeks ago I received an email about reading a book and perhaps host a giveaway. Normally, I am not about promotion at all. I'm no biggy on the beauty-blogosphere so the offers aren't that much. But most importantly because I like my writing and reviews to be honest and getting products for free often makes you feel guilty to totally write off something if it wouldn't be that good.

This book sounded too tempting to pass: a book about a "Bootcamp for beautiful skin"? Bring on the "workouts".

It works on the premises of 'beauty from the inside': that means food & health. Also, the importance of various peels to get the skin sorted out for a new[er] start:
I have tried this company in the past and they had a wonderful peel called Lactic 50% Peel which I liked: it is one of their milder peels. So perhaps it's not too much promotative that I agreed upon reading the book.

The only thing that I am not too sure about is that the letter refers to me "agreeing into promoting". I didn't say that in the email: I said I would read the book and consider the giveaway if I think it would benefit my readers. However, I'm not too worried as most letters are pre-written by bulk and I can still try/read for myself before I will give my readers a chance to try as well.

Anyway, I will read the book soon and keep you updated. I'll try to be on the honest site, ofcourse ;-).

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